Texas LTC Written Exam . . .

The majority of our time is spent in the classroom and we cover these topics:

  • Overview of the Texas LTC program and help with the license application process

  • Texas state laws and lawful carry

  • Use of Force and Deadly Force

  • Non-violent conflict resolution

  • Safe firearm storage, Open Carry, holster selection and handling

  • Handgun use and basic marksmanship

  • Range preparation – safety rules and target scoring


Time permitting; we will cover other topics of interest:

  • Reciprocity between states; pros and cons of licenses from other states

  • Criteria to consider for selecting a carry gun & ammunition considerations

  • Dry fire practice drills and defensive considerations

  • Methods of carry and some pros and cons of each

The written test for a Texas LTC/Open Carry consists of 25 questions. All questions are either multiple choice or true/false. A passing score on the exam is 70%   (18 out of 25 correct). There is no time limit for the Texas LTC/Open Carry written test. All of the content of the test is covered during the class. There is no need to study, practice, or stress over the written test. Everything you need to know for the written test you will learn in class.


The purpose of the written test is to verify your understanding of the material presented during the class. We cover the material during class, review key points prior to the exam, and then after the test, we will take a few minutes to cover the correct answers to any questions.

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