Texas License to Carry Class: $75.00

We believe that learning to use a firearm should be both interesting and fun. Our instructors are NRA Certified and licensed with Texas DPS as Texas LTC (License to Carry) Instructors. We love working with students that are new to shooting. Our class sizes are deliberately small so that we can take the time to ensure that each and every student has a great experience. Our classes are taught by professional instructors in a relaxed, comfortable environment and in a non-intimidating manner. All information will be presented professionally with instructors relating real life examples and practical tips to help you feel confident when you carry your handgun. Men, women and first-time shooters are welcome. We cover the legal aspects of concealed / open carry. If you're still nervous about taking this class please click here to read our reviews.


Steps to getting your Texas Concealed / Open Carry Handgun License "TX CHL" which is valid for five years:

  1. Take a 4-6 hour TX LTC (License to Carry) class from Equip-4-Conceal where you will complete the classroom training, shooting proficiency and written test requirements.

  2. Complete the Texas LTC (License to Carry) online application and affidavits

  3. Pay the state licensing fee

  4. Get your electronic fingerprints

  5. Upload your CHL-100 document (certificate of training) to DPS website


Upon successful completion of the Texas LTC (License to Carry) class and submission of the application materials, the state will issue you a license as soon as 60 days, assuming there is no legal disqualification. Our TX LTC (License to Carry) class package includes the following:


  • Training by a DPS certified instructor

  • Qualification at a DPS approved range (indoor, safe, clean, and temperature controlled)

  • B27 Target

  • Application Preparation Assistance

  • Safety glasses, and hearing protection for use during range qualification


You will be responsible for your range fee of $20.00 as well as any gun rental or ammunition if needed.


*NOTE: In accordance with the State of Texas as of March 1, 2011, all fingerprints must now be done electronically through a Morphotrust (formerly L1) finger printing location.


Subjects Covered:

  • Concealed / Open Carry Law

  • Where you can and cannot carry

  • The use of force and/or deadly force and the legal implications

  • Texas weapons laws

  • Non-violent dispute resolution

  • Firearms safety / Open Carry Holster selection



If you have further questions about obtaining your Texas LTC (License to Carry, please call at 817-205-3038 or check out the Department of Public Safety’s website at http://www.txdps.state.tx.us/administration/crime_records/chl/chlsindex.htm.


Required Equipment:

Unloaded handgun, 50 rounds of ammunition, safety glasses, and hearing protection for use during range qualification. If you don't have a handgun, ear or eye protection let us know in advance as we have loaners available. You can also rent these items for less than $20.00 at the range.



**IMPORTANT NOTE** - The student must be able to operate their weapon and shoot accurately before attending the TX LTC (License to Carry) class, as there is no time allotted for teaching someone how to shoot during the this class or during the shooting proficiency test. If you fail the initial TX CHL / Open Carry shooting proficiency test and have to come back to re-test there will be a $25 charge (instructor travel fee) and the student pays range fees. There is no charge for the actual proficiency test. For this reason we highly recommend that if you are new to shooting or have not shot in a while you take our TX LTC Combo Class. In our TX LTC Combo Class you'll have a 30-45 minute shooting session before you have to qualify. We will help you practice and work on your fundamentals so that you are well prepared to pass the shooting proficiency course of fire. We've never had a student fail the TX LTC (License to Carry) proficiency course of fire when taking this Combo Class.

LTC classes


You can select and pay for your training in one of two ways:

  1. Prepay here online in full or pay a deposit.

  2. Call us at 817-226-8751 and we'll take your payment and register you over the phone.

If paying a deposit the remainder is due on the day of class before your class begins.Deposits are non-refundable.


Our class sizes are limited, so register early to ensure a seat on the date you would like to attend.


Please review our cancellation & refund policy prior to purchase.

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