Basics of Rifle Safety, Operation & Maintenance: $50.00

Have you recently purchased or been gifted an AR-15 style rifle and are not familiar with how to operate or maintain it? If so then this is the class for you. We focus on the basics so you can be up and running in no time. By the end of this class you'll have the confidence and knowledge necessary to operate your rifle safely. You'll also have the ability to effectively maintain it so it will be ready when you need it.

The 1.5 hour Basics of Rifle Maintenance program will provide training in the required techniques to disassemble, clean, re-assemble and function check the AR-15 rifle. Method of instruction will include:

  • Classroom instruction on the basic function of your rifle

  • Hands on performance with your own rifle


This is a class for beginners to learn how to properly clean and maintain and operate the AR-15 rifle. You must have all necessary equipment, to include:

  • Rifle of your choice (If not available, one can be provided)

  • Cleaning Tools (may be purchased from us on site $25.00)

  • Solvents (may be purchased from us on site $10.00)

Subjects covered:

  • Basic firearms safety

  • Proper levels of maintenance required for the firearm

  • Applicable solvents and lubricants

  • Rust prevention or removal

  • Specific disassembly instructions for the firearm

  • How to check for unusual wear and tear

  • Specific re-assembly

  • How to safely accomplish function checks on the firearm

  • Class time - 1.5 hours