You've completed the four hours of online training and you are now qualified to take the final requirement, the range safety and proficiency exam. You can schedule this training by contacting Jennie at 817-226-8751. 


This training will consist of: 

  • Range Instruction - Basic Range Safety

  • Range Proficiency Test - Actual demonstration by the applicant of the applicant's ability to safely and proficiently use a handgun


PLEASE NOTE: Your Equip-4-Conceal instructor is not responsible for teaching you how to handle or shoot a gun. Equip-4-Conceal's instructors will provide 1-2 hours of basic range safety prior to your proficiency exam. If you feel that you are not ready for your range proficiency test, and you would benefit from some basic training on weapon handling and firing, please schedule additional training with an Equip-4-Conceal instructor. (Additional range fees may apply.)