Texas CHL Range Qualification Requirements

The Texas LTC/Open Carry range qualification consists of firing a total of 50 rounds using a specific course of fire. The pistol must be a minimum of .22 caliber. You may qualify with a revolver or semi-auto pistol. I recommend you qualify with a semi-auto that can hold a minimum of 10 rounds.


To pass the Texas LTC/Open Carry range qualification,  a student must score 70%  (175 points out of a possible 250 points).


You will be responsible for your range fee of $20.00


Optical enhancers such as lasers, red dot sites, or scopes, are not permitted by Texas DPS administrative code when qualifying.


Following step by step directions from the range officer, students' progress through each stage starting from the 3 yard line, moving back to the 7 yard line and finally to the 15 yard line.


All shots are fired on a B-27 target.


Targets will be green, red, black or blue.


Hits inside the 8, 9, 10, and X rings are 5 points.


Hits inside the 7 ring are 4 points.


Hits on the silhouette outside the 7 ring are 3 points.


Hits outside of the shaded silhouette are 0.


Hits that miss the target entirely are 0.


Rounds not fired due to expired time / malfunction are 0.

TX LTC/Open Carry Course of Fire:

Stage1: Twenty (20) shots will be fired from 3 yards.

  • Five (5) shots fired in a "One shot exercise" 2 seconds allowed for each shot

  • Ten (10) shots fired in a "Two shot exercise" 3 seconds allowed for each 2 shot sequence

  • Five (5) shots fired in 10 seconds


Stage2: Twenty (20) shots will be fired from 7 yards - fired 5 stages.

  • Five (5) shots will be fired in 10 seconds

  • Five (5) shots will be fired in 2 stages:

    1. Two (2) shots will be fired in 4 seconds

    2. Three (3) shots will be fired in 6 seconds

  • Five (5) will be fired in a "One shot exercise" 3 seconds allowed for each shot

  • Five (5) shots fired in 15 seconds


Stage 3: Ten (10) shots fired from 15 yards - fired in two 5-shot strings

  • Five (5) shots fired in two stages:

    1. Two (2) shots fired in 6 seconds

    2. Three (3) shots fired in 9 seconds

  • Five (5) shots fired in 15 seconds


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