What to bring to the range & range safety. . .



Failure to follow safety rules while at the range may result in dismissal from the class and failing the range qualification portion of the course.


There are no refunds due to dismissal from the range for safety rules violations.


Please be sure to read and be familiar with our range safety rules prior to your range session.

In addition to rules posted by the range facility, we follow these safety precautions at all times. 


  1. Keep your firearm "unloaded" with magazine removed and slide locked back (or cylinder open on a revolver) until instructed to load by the range officer.

  2. Follow all instructions from the range safety officer. The range officer is in charge of the range.

  3. Anyone who has consumed alcohol or any substance that may impair mental or physical factors will not be allowed on the range.

  4. Wear eye protection, ear protection, and proper attire for safety while on the range.

  5. Load only the number of rounds necessary to complete each exercise as specified by the instructor.

  6. Keep all muzzles pointed down range at all times.

  7. Never point any firearm at yourself or anyone else.

  8. Keep your finger outside of the trigger guard (indexed along the firearm) until you are on target and ready to fire.

  9. Do not pick up dropped rounds until after target scoring.

  10. If you have a failure that you cannot clear or need help, raise your non-firing hand – the hand that is NOT holding a firearm.

  11. If you observe any unsafe conditions yell “CEASE FIRE!” loudly. All participants must cease fire if they hear “CEASE FIRE!”

  12. Do not step off the line until you have cleared and secured your firearm.

What to bring to the range for your TX LTC qualification:

Most items on this checklist are for the sake of safety. During the range qualification portion of our Texas CHL class, safety is our primary focus.


  • **Unloaded Handgun** of at least .22 caliber that is in good working condition and has no modification(s) that will make the handgun unsafe.  Each attempt to qualify must be completed with one gun but you are welcome to switch firearms if you need to repeat the test to pass. Students may share a gun and qualify one at a time with the same gun.


  • A range or duffel bag to transport your gun and gear between your car and the range.- So we don’t walk around the range with a gun in hand.  Guns are out ONLY when on the firing line.


  • Eye protection (safety glasses, safety goggles, or prescription glasses with plastic lenses) - Wrap-around style is best for maximum eye protection (loaners are available).


  • Over the ear hearing protection–muff type–to cover the ear and the area behind the ear. This type of hearing protection is preferred because; The instructor can easily see you are wearing them, Helps prevent hearing loss from vibration of the bones behind your ear (loaners are available).


  • Cap or hat that covers the head and the area toward the face (such as a baseball cap) - To prevent hot brass from getting between your glasses and face.


  • Footwear that covers the entire foot (no sandals ) - To keep hot brass from landing on your feet.


  • Shorts are not recommended - To keep hot brass from your legs or from going into your shoe.


  • Shirt with a collar. Loose collars and v-necks or low cut shirts are not allowed (keeps hot brass from going down the front or back of your shirt).


  • Accessories required for your handgun such as one or two empty magazines for your semi-auto.


  • Ammunition – NO RELOADED AMMUNITION and NO aluminum cases are allowed for the range portion of your TX CHL certification. You will need a minimum of 50 rounds of SAAMI approved ammunition. You may wish to bring 150 rounds so that you may repeat the test if you don’t attain a passing score the first time.












  • PMC

**NOTE** No Magtech brand ammo please.