• Jennie Cruz

Concealed means "Concealed"

There are a few people carrying guns for the first time that feel an irresistible urge to tell or let others see that “they’ve got the power.” Believe it or not there are concealed carry badges that people can buy to wear which alerts everyone that they are carrying a concealed weapon. I've heard some people say that they bought a badge in case they accidentally or "Unintentionally display" their handgun, REALLY? So, you want people to think you're what? A cop maybe? The fact is that the law now provides protection for unintentional display so unless you want to go to jail for possibly impersonating a police officer, it's probably a good idea to stay away from badges. I can tell you from first hand knowledge that police officers see licensed concealed carriers as the good guys. Police officers will also tell you, off the record of course, that license holders that carry a concealed badge scare them as much as the grown man trying on the adult size superman pajamas at Target. First-time carriers should try not fall into this trap. It is a practice to avoid for several reasons.

In most of this society, the only people the general public sees carrying guns in public are uniformed “protector figures,” such as police officers and security guards. When they see someone not identifiable as such, who is carrying a lethal weapon, they tend to panic. This makes no friends among the voting public for the gun owners’ rights movement—you do not make people into friends and sympathizers, by frightening them—and can lead to a panicky observer getting the wrong idea and reporting you to the police as a “man with a gun.” This can lead to all sorts of unpleasant confrontations.

Moreover, a harasser who has picked you as his victim and knows you carry a gun can create a situation where there are no other witnesses present, and then make the false claim that you threatened him with the weapon. This is a very serious felony called Aggravated Assault. It is his word against yours. The fact that you are indeed carrying the gun he describes you pointing at him can make his lie more believable than your truth, to the ears of judge and jury.

It is a bad idea in almost every situation to let someone know you are carrying. Tactically, you are giving up the element of surprise should you face a deadly force situation. Furthermore, you run the risk of being called in to 9-1-1 as a ‘man with a gun.’ Take care to choose a gun and holster that, along with appropriate clothing, allow you to keep your gun concealed unless or until you need it to save a life.

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