Meet Our Instructors . . .

We believe that learning to use a firearm should be fun. We train in a comfortable environment with a very practical, no nonsense approach. We focus on situational awareness and defensive tactics that will help you survive real world encounters. Our instructors are NRA Certified and licensed with TX DPS as Texas Concealed Handgun License Instructors. We love working with students that are new to shooting. Our class sizes are deliberately small so we can take the time to ensure that every student has a great experience. In our classes no student is left behind.

Jennie Cruz (DFW area)
  • Retired Peace Officer

  • Texas DPS Certified LTC Instructor

  • NRA Certified Firearms Instructor

  • TCOLE Certified Instructor


Jennie is a retired peace officer who has been in law enforcement for over 20 years. She teaches classes that build the skills women need to survive in today's increasingly hostile environment.

Nat Cruz (DFW area)
  • Served 7 years in the U.S. ARMY

  • Texas DPS Certified LTC Instructor

  • NRA Certified Firearms Instructor

  • NRA Certified Range Safety Officer


Nat served in the U.S. ARMY for 7 years and is a corporate manager / trainer. He is an NRA certified instructor in several disciplines to include Range Safety Officer.

Tom Smith (Waco & West)
  • U. S. Navy 6 years

  •  19 years firefighter, rescue and emergency worker

  • Texas DPS Certified LTC Instructor

  • NRA Certified Firearms Instructor


Tom has spent his adult life working and providing community service through volunteer organizations.  Recently retired, he wants to help others to learn firearm safety and proficiency to be able to protect themselves and their family.

Jesse Smith (Waco & West)
  • Texas DPS Certified LTC Instructor

  • TCOLE Advanced Peace Officer

  • TCOLE Basic Instructor

  • TCOLE Fire Arms Instructor

  • Certified Taser Instructor

  • Fire Arms instructor for a local police department

  • Texas Commission on Fire Protection: Advanced Firefighter, Basic Instructor, Hazmat Materials Technician, Driver/Operator

  • H.O.T.C.O.G. Regional Response Hazmat Team, Regional Response Swift Water Rescue Team, Regional Response Confined Space Rescue Team

  • Texas Department State Health Services EMT Paramedic


Raised playing on fire trucks and watching his father work in a small community volunteer fire department helping people; Jesse grew up to be as well as a strong supporter of emergency services personnel.  Jesse wants to use the things he has learned as a police officer and firearms instructor to help others learn correct and safe handling of firearms for personal protection.

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