Basic Firearms Maintenance: $50.00

The 1.5 hour Basic Firearms Maintenance program will provide training in the required techniques to disassemble and re-assemble the pistol of students choice. Method of instruction will include:

  • Classroom instruction

  • Hands on performance


This is a class for beginners to learn how to properly clean and maintain firearms. You must have all necessary equipment, to include:

  • Firearm of choice (If not available, one can be provided)

  • Cleaning Tools (may be purchased from us on site $25.00)

  • Solvents (may be purchased from us on site $10.00)

Subjects covered:

  • Basic firearms safety

  • Proper levels of maintenance required for the firearm

  • Applicable solvents and lubricants

  • Rust prevention or removal

  • Specific disassembly instructions for the weapon

  • How to check for unusual wear and tear

  • Specific re-assembly

  • How to safely accomplish function checks on the weapon

  • Class time - 2 hours