Answers to your most common questions . . .

We've tried to give answers to some of the more common questions we're asked every day. If you have a specific question that is not covered here please feel free to contact us via our email form. We'll usually send you an email response within 24 hours. Some questions with regard to the law are better answered by a lawyer so please understand if we refer you to one rather than answer your question directly.

What gun is the best for concealed carry?

Probably the most commonly asked question among people looking for a defensive handgun and trying to decide which one to buy is “Which one is the best?” The truth is, there is no such thing. The best gun and caliber combination will be what appeals to and fulfills an individual’s needs and capabilities, and of course, budget.


When considering a concealed handgun the best advice I can give is to go to a gun show and try out every gun & holster combination you might think you could carry comfortably. Finding the gun you like to shoot is easy. Just go to any range and try them all. You're sure to find one you love to shoot. The problem is in a lot of cases the gun you love to shoot is no fun to carry concealed on a daily basis. You'll have to find a balance you can live with.

Where are classes held?

We conduct the majority of our classes at our private residence. This allows students to relax and learn in a no pressure environment. Students have told us that they appreciate the relaxed athmosphere.


Range qualifications are conducted at The Shooting Gallery: 6054 East Lancaster Fort Worth, TX 76112. This is an indoor pistol and rifle range with 20 pistol lanes and 2 rifle lanes utilizing automated target retrieval systems. There are more than 100 firearms available for rental as well. We also conduct private & group classes just about anywhere. If you're a busy executive we'll come to your office. If you want to train with a group of your friends at your ranch, we can do that too.

Do I have to complete a license application from the Texas DPS before taking your CHL course?

No, but you can complete it online or download it from the link below. We recommend completing the online application as it will speed up the issuance of your license and reduce the paperwork you will need to mail in.

State website for application or download of application.

What is included in your class fee?

Our class fee covers the instruction and testing necessary to provide you with a CHL-100 Form and the Certificate of Proficiency which is required by the Texas Department of Safety to issue your license. We also include the range fees, targets, hearing and eye protection required for you to qualify.


**Taking our Basic Marksmanship class will count as the range portion of the CHL class. You can take both classes in an 8 hour day and save $39.00 overall.**


What's not included:

1) The gun used to qualify - You can bring you own (semi-auto or revolver .32 caliber or higher) or rent one on class day (typically less than $20)

2) The cost of your ammo - 1 box of 50 rounds of ammo is needed on class day to the take shooting exam

3) Electronic fingerprints (approximately $10 - Paid to MorphoTrust USA)

4) The DPS License Fee (Paid to the State of Texas)

What are the steps to getting my CHL?

Step 1: Attend one of our CHL Classes

Step 2: Complete the Texas DPS Online Application and Affidavits at the Texas DPS website.

Step 3: Have Your Electronic Fingerprints taken with MorphoTrust USA.

Step 4: Upload your CHL-100 Certificate of Proficiency (which we provide to you at the end of class) to the DPS website.

Your Fingerprints and Application will be submitted electronically to the Texas DPS.


Upon completion of the training course and submission of the required documents, the state has 60 days from the time it receives your completed materials to issue your license. 45 days is allowed for a renewal.

Will I learn how to shoot during your CHL class?

No, if you are new to shooting or it has been a while since you have fired a gun, we recommend that you take our CHL Combo Class. We'll help you work on the fundamentals and prepare you for the CHL proficiency course of fire.

Can a non-resident get a Texas CHL?

Yes, as long as you meet all the applicant requirements and take the training.

Do I need a Texas CHL to buy or own guns in Texas?

No, a CHL is a license to carry a concealed handgun, its’ not needed to buy or possess legal firearms.

As my instructor can I call you to check on my application status with the DPS?

No, DPS is only allowed to disclose limited information to law enforcement. DPS cannot disclose information about a CHL applicant or holder with anyone but the applicant or CHL holder.

Can I only carry the gun I qualify with?

Once you receive your license you may carry any gun that you can legally obtain. There is no restriction on the number of guns you may carry either. It doesn’t matter what type of gun you qualify with you can carry either semi or non-semi pistol.

I'd like to renew my license early in case I forget, how early can I renew?

You can renew your license no earlier than 6 months out.

My license expired, how long do I have to renew before I have to take the class again?

You have one year to renew your CHL after it expires before you have to take the class again.

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