Texas Permitless Carry Class: $75.00

Permitless Carry Class

This is the class you need to take if you are planning on carrying under the new law

  • Are you planning to constitutional carry or have had your LTC for more than 2 years?  This class is for you.

  • Taught by experienced Texas LTC instructors, this two hour course will teach you the laws in Texas surrounding both constitutional carry and update you on changes made to the LTC.

  • Don’t be in the dark when it comes to laws surrounding carry. What you don't know might cost you your freedom!


Questions we'll answer during this 2 hour class:

  • Who can carry a gun under the new law?

  • How can a lawful person carry a gun?

  • Where can you carry a handgun without a permit?

  • Can private businesses ban guns?

  • Can handgun owners still obtain a license to carry?

  • What does this mean for background checks?

  • Can a law enforcement officer detain someone for carrying a gun?

  • Are there advantages to obtaining a license to carry even with the Permitless Carry law in effect?

Price: $75
For Information or to book a class Call: 817-226-8751
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