What to bring to the classroom portion of your Texas LTC class . . .

Bring the following to your TX CHL/Open carry class:

  • A positive can-do attitude is an important component for success in this class. A positive attitude is a safe attitude.

  • Your Texas driver's license (DL) or state ID. Note:  Military personnel bring DL and military ID.

  • Leave your unloaded handgun, either a semi-automatic or revolver for the shooting proficiency test in your car. You will not need it during the TX LTC/Open Carry classroom portion of the training. You can qualify with a semi-automatic or a non-semi-automatic pistol and be licensed to carry concealed any type of legal handgun.

  • Leave your ammunition in your car. It is not needed for the TX LTC/Open Carry classroom portion of the training. No reloads please

  • A hat (baseball cap or similar)

  • Eye protection, preferably with side shields – regular glasses and sunglasses are acceptable (loaners are available).

  • Hearing protection – Ear plugs or ear muffs. (Loaners are available).

  • NO shorts

  • NO flip flops or sandals