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Price: $75
TX Permitless Carry Class
What you'll learn during this 2 hour class:
  • Who can carry a gun under the new law?

  • How can a lawful person carry a gun?

  • Where can you carry a handgun without a permit?

  • Can private businesses ban guns?

  • Can handgun owners still obtain a license to carry?

  • What does this mean for background checks?

  • Can a law enforcement officer detain someone for carrying a gun?

  • Are there advantages to obtaining a license to carry even with the Permitless Carry law in effect?

Texas CHL class
Price: $75
TX LTC - License to Carry Class


We believe that learning to use a firearm should be both interesting and fun. Our instructors are NRA Certified and licensed with Texas DPS as LTC Instructors.


Our classes are:​

  • Deliberately small so each and every student has a great experience. 

  • Taught by professional instructors in a relaxed, non-intimidating manner.

  • Presented professionally with instructors relating real life examples and practical tips to help you feel confident when you carry your handgun.

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Price: $75
Basic Pistol Class


In this class you will gain the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to own and use a handgun safely and confidently.


We will teach you:

  • Proper stance, grip, sight picture, loading, unloading

  • Pistol knowledge and safety

  • Basics of handgun shooting


You can bring your own firearm for familiarization or use one of ours. Either way you'll have fun learning to operate your handgun safely and confidently while having fun.

Why take a TX License to Carry Class?

Texas Concealed Carry License

Many people today carry guns. Some do it legally, meet the legal requirements and pay the government for permission to exercise our fundamental human right to self-defense when we leave the safety of our homes. Criminals will always carry guns, knives and other weapons regardless of the law. Criminals break laws for a living. They are just as unfazed by anti-gun laws as they are by anti-murder, anti-rape, and anti-theft laws. Those who wish to legally carry concealed guns are people who do not want to be victims of such criminals. Regular folks like you and me, people with families, would like to legally carry an effective means of defense on their person, just in case they encounter some criminal in a situation where confrontation can’t be avoided. That’s all. They don’t want to shoot anyone, and most pray that they never have to . . .   They just want a chance.


The unarmed and unaware are easy prey for criminals. The best defense against becoming the target of a crime is prevention! Being aware of your surroundings, being mentally prepared to act, and equipping yourself with the proper tools of defense is essential. If prevention fails, your only chance is to FIGHT BACK. You must know "HOW" to fight back. Take our Basic Pistol, TX LTC - License to Carry or Defensive Pistol class today and be prepared to fight back!

Gun Safety for Parents

Parents can teach their children the Eddie Eagle Program at home. The Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program teaches children in pre-K through third grade four important steps to take if they find a gun.




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